Roasted Green Tea (Hojicha) "Tea Sei" by Tea Master Junichi Kamikubo

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100% אחריות להחזר כספי ללא סיכון
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Japanese Product Name: 「茶商 耀」(KAGAYAKI) しずく【上久保茶園 製造】純国産ほうじ焙煎茶 茶葉 ほうじ茶 ティーバッグ25袋 (ほうじ茶のみ)

Japanese Brand Name: 「茶商 耀」(KAGAYAKI)

Origin: Nara Prefecture, Japan


  • Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries First Prize First Prize “Tea Sei” Tea Master Junichi Kamikubo
  • 100% domestic tea leaves Aged tea brew Roasted roasted tea: Tea bag 5g x 25 bags (125g)
  • Discerning tea leaves grown in Nara’s wilderness: Nara has been a tea producing region that has continued for over 1200 years. In the rich water and clear air, we use only high quality tea leaves cultivated with great care. Please enjoy the special tea leaves grown by Junichi Kamikubo, “Tea Sei”.
  • Low caffeine that is easy for children to drink (about 1/3 of coffee and matcha): Hojicha has less caffeine and bitter tannins than green tea or black tea. Therefore, it is easy for children to drink and can be enjoyed by the whole family.
  • Relaxing time before bedtime and a rich scent: Hojicha contains abundant scent component “pyrazine” that is created during roasting process and “theanine,” a savory component of tea. Please enjoy the scent and taste of roasted green tea when you want to take a break.

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Houjicha only (1 pack), Hojicha only (Set of 2)

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