MUJI Domestic Black Soybean Bean Tea for Cold Water 154g (7.7g x 20 Teabags for 1 Liter)


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100% 무위험 환불 보장
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Japanese product name: 無印良品 水出し国産大豆の黒豆茶 154g (1L用7.7g×20袋) 82218749

Japanese brand name: 無印良品


Hokkaido black beans are roasted to bring out their sweetness and aroma. It is a caffeine-free tea with a savory flavor.

  • Ingredient name: Black soybean (Hokkaido)
  • Content: 154g (7.7g for 1L×20 teabags)
  • Form: Tea bags
  • Storage method: Avoid direct sunlight, hot and humid places.
  • Expiration date : 365 days from date of manufacture
  • Allergens contained in this product: Soy 

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