Organic Tea Tea Bag 4 Types Set (Pot-roasted Tea, Organic Roasted Tea, Organic Aged Third Year Tea, Herbs Green Tea) with Tea Bag Holder by Miyazaki Teahouse

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Japanese product name: 宮崎茶房 有機 茶 ティーバッグ 4種セット ティーバッグホルダー付き (お茶)

Japanese brand name: 宮崎茶房


  • [Set contents] Organic pot roasted tea tea bag (5g x 20p) x 1 bag, organic roasted tea tea bag (5g x 20p) x 1 bag, organic aged third year tea bag (1.8g x 30p) x 1 bag, herbs Green tea tea bag (3g x 15p) x 1 bag, tea bag holder with original logo (color cannot be selected) x 1
  • [Organic tea from Miyazaki teahouse] A set of 4 types of organic tea bags from Miyazaki teahouse. Comes with a tea bag holder with our original logo.
  • [No pesticides used] Miyazaki Teahouse has been making tea with no pesticides and only organic fertilizers for many years. We will deliver safe and secure tea that is gentle and relieving, and will make you feel good when you drink it.
  • [Easy tea bag] Tea bags made from carefully made tea leaves without using pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Enjoy award-winning organic tea in a handy tea bag.
  • [For gifts and presents] It is also recommended for gifts and presents for family and friends, mid-year gifts, and year-end gifts. * If you are looking for a gift or present, please set the gift before purchasing.

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