Yoku Moku Cigare O Matcha Assortment 22 Pieces


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Japanese product name: ヨックモック YOKUMOKU シガール オゥ マッチャ アソルティ 22本入り

Japanese brand name: ヨックモック


Since its debut in March 2017, “Cigare O Matcha” has been very popular every year as seasonal gifts.
This new package is an assortment package with the long-selling “Cigare O Matcha” sticks.
The sweetness of matcha and the rich flavor of butter are elegantly layered on top of each other.
Assorted sweets and sweets from Yoku Moku can be used as gifts for various occasions such as mid-year gifts or celebrations.

  • 내용물: 10 Cigare O Matcha, 12 Cigare
  • Dimensions / Weight: Canned 185 × 255 × 55mm; 697g
  • Expiration date: 120 days from the date of manufacture
  • Specified raw materials: Eggs, wheat, milk, soybeans, almonds
  • Preservation method: Avoid heat and humidity. Please store in a cool place.

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무게 0.81 kg
크기 18.5 × 25.5 × 5.5 cm

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