AGF Blendy Cafe Latory Assorted Black Tea & Coffee in Original Cup (19 Types, 54 Boxes in Total)

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Japanese product name: AGF ブレンディ カフェラトリー カフェラテ 紅茶 詰め合わせ オリジナルカップ入り (19種類 合計54本)

Japanese brand name: AGF(エージーエフ)


AGF Blendy Stick Cafe Latte Stick Assorted is perfect for those looking for a coffee gift.

☕️ Assortment of 19 types ☕️
◆ AGF Blendy Cafe Latory 19 types of stick café latte Stick coffee assortment set ♪
◆ Popular coffee sticks that can be made almost
immediately when you want to drink ♪
◆ Cafe latte, Matcha latte, Cocoa, fruit tea assorted with various types ✨
◆ Choose your favorite taste with family and friends, according to your mood and the occasion. ♪
◆ Perfect as a simple gift.
Because it’s stick coffee, you can give it one by one or have it taken freely at work.

☕️ Enjoy all year round ☕️
◆ You can make iced coffee as well as hot!
Just melt one stick with half the water used to make hot and add ice. A refreshing coffee that you can enjoy in summer!

☕️ Set contents ☕️
All 19 types
◆ 16 types 3 each (Rich milk cafe latte, Rich bitter cafe latte, Rich milk cafe latte no sweetness, Rich creamy cafe, Latte de cafe, Rich creamy cappuccino, Rich hazelnut latte, Rich royal milk tea, Muscat tea, Rich yuzu citrus tea, Rich matcha latte, Rich Matcha, Rich roasted tea latte, Rich milk cocoa)
◆ 3 types 2 bottles each (Rich orange chocolate latte, Rich apple cinnamon milk tea, Rich raspberry white chocolate latte)

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 24.6 × 23.9 × 15.9 cm
Pattern Name:

19 types (54 in total)

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