AGF Maxim Drip Pack Luxury Cafe Mocha Blend 100 Cups


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Price :

YEN 2,895

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Japanese Product Name: AGF ちょっと贅沢な珈琲店 レギュラーコーヒー ドリップパック モカブレンド 100袋 【 ドリップコーヒー 】

Japanese Brand Name: AGF(エージーエフ)


“A little luxurious coffee shop” regular coffee drip pack (drip bag) is carefully roasted by AGF’s original “T2ACMI roasting” technology according to the characteristics of carefully selected beans, and has a solid richness and deep scent.
It is a drip coffee that you can enjoy the deep taste and aroma of the coffee shop master who brewed it with a hand drip.
With a well-balanced taste, you can enjoy your own drip coffee daily.
AGF “A little luxurious coffee shop” regular coffee drip pack mocha blend 100 bags are blended with Ethiopian mocha beans and finished in a deep roast.
A mocha blend that boasts a “sweet scent.” It is a great-value large-capacity size of drip coffee that is ideal for those who consume a lot in the office or at home.
Individually wrapped type where each cup is always fresh.
Everything from roasting to filling coffee beans is produced at domestic factories and developed according to the delicate taste of Japanese people.

  • Quanitity: 100 cups of 0.25 oz (7g)
  • Ingredients: Coffee Beans
  • Product dimensions: (H x D x W) 8.1 inches (206mm) × 8.0 inches (202mm) × 12.2 inches (311mm)

Additional information

Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 40 × 22 × 22 cm
Flavor Name:

Kirimanjaro Blend, Special blend, Mocha blend

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