Arahataen Gabu Gabu Japanese Shizuoka Fukamushicha Hojicha [Large-capacity Pack, No String Tagless Tea Bag] 1.5g x 100P

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Japanese product name: 荒畑園 がぶがぶ飲めるティーパック 100個入 お茶 日本茶 静岡茶 深蒸し茶 がぶ飲み 緑茶 ほうじ茶 深むし お徳用 得用 大容量パック 紐なし タグなし ティーバッグ (がぶ飲みほうじティーパック 1.5g×100個)

Japanese brand name: 荒畑園


Popular tea for home use
★ Hojicha tea pack 150g (1.5g x 100 pieces)
Great value tea! The factory manages tea cultivation, manufacturing, bagging, and sales at their own garden, eliminating complicated distribution and making it cheaper. At the teahouse “Shizuoka Makinohara,” they have an integrated system from production to manufacturing. Fukamushicha made by the natural reduction farming method, which incorporates the traditional “Shizuoka tea-grass farming method” registered as a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Site.
Arahataen’s hojicha has a great balance of fragrance, freshness, and umami.
By roasting, the astringency and bitterness are suppressed, so the taste is light.
Because it has low caffeine, it is also kind to the body ◎

  • Ingredient name: Green tea (produced in Shizuoka prefecture)
  • Contents: 150g per bag (1.5g x 100 pieces)
  • Convenient and easy hojicha tea pack with a large capacity of 100
  • Instructions: Put one tea bag in a cup and pour hot water. (Please adjust the density to your liking)

Additional information

Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 21.8 × 4.3 × 33 cm

Gabu Gabu Deep Tea Pack 2.5g x 100

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