Cat Tea Tea Bag Fishing (Deep Steamed Tea/Hojicha) Hot Summer Gift Cute Tea Gift Set Birthday Gift Cat Figure Included

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Japanese Product Name: ねこ茶 ティーバッグ セット 釣り (深蒸し茶・ほうじ茶) 可愛い お茶 プチギフト 誕生日 プレゼント 猫のフィギュア付き

Japanese Brand Name: みのり園


  • It is a tea bag with a cute cat figure, “Mitarashi-chan,” sitting on the edge of the cup. Not only cat lovers, but also gifts for friends and parents who love tea, fishing, petite gifts, mother’s day, father’s day, birthday, respect for the elderly, year-end gift, new year’s gift, thank you, celebration, New Year’s card, etc. How about a delicious and fun “cat tea bag”?
  • Japanese tea is a great gift for overseas visitors. It’s a tea bag so you don’t need a teapot. Of course you can enjoy relaxing time at your own home or office. The appearance and taste are “healing effect”! It is an item that makes everyone smile, whether you give it or that person who receives it.
  • “Cat tea bag” is not only cute in appearance. We are also particular about the deliciousness. 100% tea leaves from Shizuoka! It is different from cheap tea, which has no taste only in color. The tea bag uses a tasteless and odorless nylon shear bag and is processed into a triangular tetra bag. Compared to regular flat bags, there are more extraction surfaces and the tea leaves dance inside, so the original taste of the tea leaves is easier to obtain.
  • Set contents: ★Shizuoka deep-steamed tea bag (10 pieces) ★Shizuoka houjicha tea bag (10 pieces) ★Mitarashi-chan (material: Polystone) 1 piece ★Toothpick ※Only hot water is not included.
  • *Some of the sales will be donated to the Animal Environment and Welfare Association Eva. Realize a healthy society in which people and cats can coexist happily!

Additional information

Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 11.9 × 3.5 × 20.5 cm

2 bag set (Mitarashi-chan x 1) fishing, 3 bag set (box / bookmark / mitarashi-chan x 2), Latte gift set (boxed), Set of 2 Japanese paper cans

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