Decaffeinated Organic Roasted Green Tea (Hojicha) powder 50g (50 cups) by Manshodou

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Japanese Product Name: 万象堂 ほうじ茶粉末 粉末 50g 国産 50杯分
Japanese Brand Name: 万象堂
Origin: Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan



Since it is a powder, there are many ways to enjoy it!
It is convenient to use not only tea but also sweets ・ Hojicha Shiratama ・ Hojicha Latte ・ Hojicha Warabimochi [Hojicha in the hot summer! ]
・ Hojicha ice cream ・ Hojicha shaved ice is also a delicious cup of nature’s blessings from Satoyama.
A cup of hojicha tea will almost certainly lighten up your heart!

  • It is a rare Hojicha powder in Japan
  • A savory cup will make you feel relaxed and your mind will be relaxed.
  • About 50 cups for about 50 cups!
  • It is easy to handle and melts quickly in hot and cold water, providing you with a fragrant tea time.
  • Hojicha certified as organic JAS mark from Japan and Kagoshima prefecture.
  • Ingredients:
    100% mulberry leaf powder from Kumamoto Prefecture ◆ Ingredients per 100g of mulberry leaf tea (powder) from Manshodo ・ DNJ (deoxynojirimycin) 345mg ・ Calorie 303Kcal ・ Moisture 4.1g ・ Protein 20.9g ・ Lipid 12.1g ・ Carbohydrate (Fat 6.3g Dietary fiber 42.7g) ・ Ash (mineral content) 13.9g ・ Sodium 4.9mg
  • Store in a dry place

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