Genmaicha (Brown Rice Green Tea) with Gyokuro Tea Leaves 200g - Kyoto Ujian

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Japanese Product Name: 京の老舗150年 宇治安 京の粋 玉露入り 玄米茶 内地産原料100% 茶葉 200g

Japanese Brand Name: 宇治安


  • This is a “Kyoto Ujian original” product that blends high-grade gyokuro into “Genmaicha,” which is domestically produced and is particular about roasting for a long time at low temperature.Enjoy the rich flavor of gyokuro and the flavor and aroma of brown rice♪
  • High quality gyokuro tea leaves are blended with 100% domestic brown rice. “Brown rice tea with gyokuro”… Have you ever tried it once? …”Actually really good”. If you add a deep-tasting gyokuro to a refreshing and fragrant brown rice tea, sweetness and richness will come out, and the taste and flavor will be even better.In addition, since brown rice tea uses inland rice and is particular about roasting at low temperature for a long time, you can enjoy the scent and aroma even more than regular brown rice tea.Please have a taste.
  • Founded at the end of the Edo period, we have been dedicated to tea. “Ujicha” produced in the southern area of ​​​Kyoto Prefecture.It is considered to have been made since the Kamakura period, and it is a famous Japanese tea brand In this area, where the essence of tea is, we continue to inherit the tradition and taste, and strive every day to deliver delicious and affordable products to everyone without obscuring the solid eyes we have cultivated over many years.In addition, we will continue to deliver to everyone the better Uji tea that is “loved by many” by inheriting “strong beliefs” and “hot feelings”.
  • ■ Contents : 200g brown rice tea with gyokuro ■ Raw materials: green tea (domestic), brown rice (domestic) ■ Expiration date: 300 days at room temperature ■ Country of origin: Japan ■ Processing place: Kyoto
  • Japanese Brand Name: Uji An

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