Kyoto Rikyuen Tea Cat Can Set Happy Return Tea Gift Year-end Gift Black Hojicha Asamiya Tea Genmaicha with Matcha item-luckycat

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Japanese Product Name: 京都利休園 お茶のねこ缶セット しあわせのお返し お茶ギフト お歳暮 黒ほうじ 朝宮紅茶 抹茶入り玄米茶 item-luckycat

Japanese Brand Name: 京都利休園


Would you like to thank those who like cats?
The inside is gold, and it is a cute cat package tea that can be used as gifts of commendation, praise, or encouragement.
A set of 3 types of tea that can be easily made with boiling water: black roasted green tea, brown rice tea with matcha, and Asamiya black tea.

  • 1. Black Hojicha: Hojicha with a refreshing aftertaste made by blending roasted Hojicha with charcoalized stems at high temperature.
  • 2. Genmaicha with Matcha: A very easy-to-drink tea with the richness of matcha added to the moderate astringency and fragrant brown rice aroma.
  • 3. Asamiya Black Tea: Asamiya Black Tea with less miscellaneous taste has a refreshing taste, and straight tea is recommended.
  • Black tea: 3g x 5, Genmaicha with matcha: 3g x 5, Asamiya black tea: 3g x 5
  • What is Kyoto Rikyuen? 400 years of history Received the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Forestry Award at the 11th Kansai Tea Fair

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Dimensions 27.4 × 9.1 × 5.7 cm

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