Matcha Latte / Hojicha Latte Gift Set (Box) Cute Cat Latte With Cat Latte Sheet Birthday Mother's Day Present Mitarashi-chan

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YEN 3,290

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Japanese product name: 抹茶ラテ・ほうじ茶ラテ ギフトセット(箱入り)可愛い ネコラテ 猫ラテシート付き 誕生日 母の日 プレゼント みたらしちゃん

Japanese brand name: みのり園


  • Matcha and roasted green tea latte gift set of the teahouse’s signature cat “Mitarashi-chan”. A delicious and fun “Nekorate Gift Set” for cat lovers, tea lovers, gifts for friends and parents, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, Respect for the Aged Day, year-end gifts, midyear gifts, thanks, celebrations, New Year’s greetings, etc. How are you?
  • “Nekorate” can be hot or iced. As it is a powder type, just put it in a mug and pour hot water. You can easily enjoy the sweet and mellow taste and aroma.
  • Japanese tea is also very much appreciated as a souvenir for foreigners. Of course, you can also enjoy relaxing time at your own home or office. “Healing effect” is outstanding in both appearance and taste! It is an item that makes everyone smile, whether you as the giver or the person who receives it.
  • Mitarashi-chan’s stencil sheet is attached to the bonus, so if you have matcha or roasted green tea powder (purchased separately), you can easily make cute latte art.
  • Set contents: ★ Matcha latte x 2 bags (6 packets) ★ Hojicha latte x 2 bags (6 packets) ★ Mitarashi-chan stencil sheet (4 sheets in total) ★ Mitarashi-chan large dissection card ★ Box

Additional information

Weight 0.36 kg
Dimensions 30.4 × 16.2 × 4.5 cm

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