Nestle Starbucks Origami Personal Drip Coffee Cafe Verona 5 Bags x 2 Boxes


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Price :

YEN 1,426

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Japanese product name: ネスレ スターバックス オリガミ パーソナルドリップコーヒー カフェベロナ ×2箱

Japanese brand name: Starbucks(スターバックス)


A rich blend of dark cocoa-like aroma with an added depth of Italian roast.
[Food pairing] It goes well with the flavor of milk chocolate and dark chocolate.
[Roast] Dark roast
[Format] Personal drip coffee. The freshly ground aroma and taste spread with each cup.

  • Type: Cafe Verona
  • Contents: 5 books x 2 boxes
  • Best-by date: 238 days
  • Arabica species adopted

Additional information

Weight 0.23 kg
Dimensions 21.9 × 19.2 × 10.8 cm

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