Organic Gyokuro Tea Leaves (High-grade) 50g from Kagoshima Prefecture by Oga Life オーガライフ

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Japanese product name: オーガライフ 有機 玉露茶 50g 鹿児島県産 高級茶葉使用

Japanese brand name: オーガライフ


Uses high-quality organic tea leaves from Kagoshima, processed and manufactured at a long-established tea factory in Kyoto, famous for Uji matcha.

High-quality gyokuro tea leaves from Kagoshima, Kyushu, which is famous for producing tea, are carefully processed and commercialized one by one at a long-established tea factory in Kyoto. It is an authentic domestic organic gyokuro that is packed with the commitment and technology of two famous tea producing areas, Kagoshima and Kyoto.
Oga Life’s organically grown gyokuro is an authentic organically grown tea whose distribution process, including not only cultivation but also its processing, storage and transportation, is managed in accordance with strict regulations.
The organic certification of the Kyoto factory, which processes and commercializes, has also obtained organic JAS certification, American NOP certification, European EU certification, and KOSHER certification.
You can enjoy the unique taste and aroma of gyokuro at home.

  • In Japan, the image of “Gyokuro = high-class tea” tends to come first, but in fact, Gyokuro is attracting attention not only in Japan but also overseas as it is featured on TV and magazines. In addition, gyokuro is increasingly used not only as tea but also as a seasoning and flavoring for sweets. Gyokuro contains plenty of tannins and vitamin C, as well as the amino acid (theanine) that is the source of the umami and sweetness of Japanese tea. It is a delicious and healthy tea.
  • Oga Life’s domestic tea was arranged by a tea appraiser who won the national championship in the national tea examination technology competition and also won the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award. They purchase high-quality tea leaves from Kagoshima, which is famous as a tea-producing region, in collaboration with local farmers. In mid-April, when tea sprouts emerge, the tea plantation is covered with bamboo blinds and straw, and new tea that has absorbed sufficient nutrients is picked and made into tea leaves using a special manufacturing method.
  • Please enjoy the thick richness and sweetness unique to the special organic gyokuro that uses only selected tea leaves with excellent aroma and sweetness. In addition, the raw materials to be shipped undergo pesticide residue inspections and bacterial inspections at the Japan Food Research Laboratories, etc., while striving for quality control at the same time. They also carry out inspections, tea analysis inspections, and sensory inspections to ensure quality maintenance. Please enjoy Gyokuro, which is made by professionals who do not allow compromises when choosing tea leaves.
  • At the factory, craftsmen with a career of more than 40 years are in charge of tea processing, and the experience of craftsmen and advanced processing technology such as tea blending, tea leaf steaming process, tea leaf size and shape adjustment, etc. are applied. 
  • All facilities in Kyoto undergo strict inspections such as organic JAS standards every year. Oga Life’s Gyokuro is an organically rated “organic gyokuro.” Organic rating is possible because they manage the selected tea leaves not only in the cultivation method, but also in the distribution process from processing, storage and transportation according to strict regulations.
  • Instruction:
    1) The temperature of the hot water is the key to keeping the original sweetness of gyokuro.
    2) Allow the well-boiled water to cool sufficiently, and pour (about 40 to 50 degrees Celsius (the palm of your hand does not feel hot with a bowl)) it into the kyusu.
    3) Tea leaves are about 10g (1 tablespoon heaping) for 2 to 3 people, and hot water is about 60cc.
    4) Wait for the tea leaves to fade from dark green (about 1 minute) and pour them into the cup.
    5) Please enjoy the original flavor, aroma and sweetness of gyokuro by brewing it deliciously.
  • Ingredients: Green tea (domestic)
  • Contents: 50g
  • Manufacture: Japan (Kyoto)

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Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 11 × 2 × 17 cm

50 grams (x 1)

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