Organic Roasted Tea, Powdered Green Tea, Organic Karigane Tea [Domestic Pesticide-free] Catechin Green Tea 260g (80g x 2 bags, 100g x 1 bag) by Kyoto Uji Yamasan

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YEN 3,640

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Japanese product name: 有機煎茶・粉末緑茶・有機かりがね茶 【国産無農薬のお茶】 茶 茶葉のうまみをぎゅっと凝縮 カテキン カテキン緑茶 日本茶 お茶の葉 母の日や父の日のプレゼントにも [京都宇治ヤマサン] 260g(80g×2袋,100g×1袋)

Japanese brand name: 美味伝承ヤマサン


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✅ [Highest grade sencha / powdered green tea rich in nutritional ingredients]
Very valuable organic sencha and organic powdered green tea produced in Japan with only 4%.
Green tea leaves are rich in nutrients such as proteins, various vitamins and minerals. Among them, the content of vitamin C in green tea is said to be 3 to 5 times that of lemon. Vitamin C is not easily broken by the action of catechin contained in the tea leaves of green tea and can be ingested effectively.

✅ [Highest grade Karigane tea with abundant nutritional ingredients]
Karigane tea with very valuable organic matcha produced in Japan at only 4%.
Using the finest gyokuro stalks, this tea is rich in flavor and rich, but with little bitterness or astringency.
By blending it with matcha, it creates a beautifully colored and fragrant tea.
Karigane tea is rich in protein, various vitamins and minerals, as well as folic acid and theanine, which has a relaxing effect.

✅ [Maintaining health with catechin green tea]
Catechin contained in the tea leaves of green tea is a remarkable nutritional component that supports the health problems that many people face today.
In general, tea that is drunk in Kyusu has a large amount of catechins left in the tea leaves, and in reality, only about 30% can be ingested.
But in organic powdered green tea, 100% of catechins can be ingested entirely.
Please enjoy this green tea that is safe for daily consumption to maintain your health.

✅ [Abundant in Vitamin C]
pports the health and skin.
JONA ​​/ Organic JAS certification (Japanese Agricultural Standards Registration Certification Body “Hyogo Prefecture Organic Agriculture Study Group HOAS” certified on July 19, 2018), so you can enjoy it safely with peace of mind.

✅ [For storage and gifts]
The expiration date is one year from the date of manufacture, so you can keep it for storage.
Please use it as a gift for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.

  • Set contents:
    a) Organic green tea 80g, and
    b) Organic powdered green tea 80g, and
    c) Organic matcha-containing karigane tea 100g.

Additional information

Weight 0.26 kg
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 21 cm
Flavor Name:

Sencha, powdered green tea, karigane tea



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