Roasted Green Tea (Hojicha) Premium Tea Leaves from Kyoto Uji 100g by Oga Life オーガライフ

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Japanese Product Name: オーガライフ ほうじ茶 高級茶葉使用 京都宇治 玉露 茎茶 玉露くきほうじ茶 茶葉 無農薬 100g

Japanese Brand Name: オーガライフ


This is a roasted green tea supervised by Harahide Morita, the winner of the National Tea Screening Technology Competition, which uses the highest-quality “Gyokuro” from Uji, Kyoto, which has been carefully selected.At Orga Life, we have prepared “Gyokuro Kuki Hojicha,” which uses only rare precious green tea among the high-grade gyokuro in Uji, Kyoto. Because it uses gyokuro, it has less bitterness and astringency than regular roasted green tea, and you can enjoy its rounded gentle taste and fragrant aroma .Please try a different taste of premium Hojicha.

The tea leaves used in Orga Life’s Gyokuro Koji Hojicha are high-grade gyokuro produced in Uji, Kyoto Prefecture, which is famous for producing tea.Only the rarer stems are carefully selected and made up. Hojicha using gyokuro is difficult to produce, and it is said that the technology that combines the original sweetness, flavor and aroma of tea is extremely valuable.Thus, it is rarely distributed and can be treated as rare high-quality tea.

Orga Life’s Gyokuro Kuki Hojicha is 40 years of 4 professional engineers certified by the National Tea Industry Youth Group with Mr. Haruhide Morita, who won the national tea examination technology competition three times, and excellent results in the competition. “Ocha no Pro” with The above career is produced in Kyoto Uji.At Ogre Life, we are working on product development under strict quality control.Gyokuro Kuki Hojicha is no exception, and we thoroughly implement quality control in raw materials and manufacturing. Manufacturing is conducted at a factory that has passed strict inspections such as the organic JAS standard every year.

Hojicha, which was introduced in NHK’s “Try and Gatten” and is now attracting attention again.Plenty of ingredients such as pyrazine, catechin, and vitamin C that are great for daily health support! Hojicha is a fragrant tea made by roasting fresh tea leaves . Green tea and oolong tea contain a lot of caffeine, but in fact, hojicha contains a very small amount of caffeine! This is because the process of roasting tea with high-temperature heat reduces caffeine.

Hojicha has a lot of nice effects. By using “Gyokuro Kukicha,” more ingredients are added. The stems of tea leaves are rich in folic acid, and the stems originally have a lower caffeine content than the leaves, so Kukicha has less caffeine, so it’s also recommended for a relaxing time before bed. 

  • Ingredients: Green tea (produced in Kyoto Prefecture)
  • Form: Loose leaf
  • Caffeine content: ‎Low caffeine
  • Instructions:
    Put about 10g of tea leaves (1 tablespoon heap) and 240cc of well-boiled hot water in a kyusu. Cover the kyusu and wait for about 30 seconds, then pour it evenly.
  • Freshness is important for tea. After opening, close the zipper tightly to seal it, and consume as soon as possible. Please be careful about humidity.

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Weight 0.12 kg
Dimensions 15 × 2.4 × 26 cm

100g (x1 bag)

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