Organic JAS-certified, Pesticide-free Cultivation Three-year Aged Bancha 1.8g x 30 Tea Bags by Miyazaki Teahouse

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Japanese product name: 宮崎茶房(有機JAS認定、無農薬栽培)、三年熟成番茶(ティーバッグ1.8g×30)

Japanese brand name: 宮崎茶房

Mô tả

In Gokase Town, Miyazaki Prefecture, where you can overlook a panoramic view of Mount Aso. It is a tea bag type that can be enjoyed easily.

At Miyazaki Teahouse, they began tea cultivation over 80 years ago in the early Showa period (1926-1989) by planting tea seeds. Their motto is “making tea that makes you feel better when you drink it. We always try to make tea that makes our customers feel energized, healed, delicious, and happy when they drink it. We hope you will try our tea.”

Gokase-cho, where Miyazaki Teahouse is located, is a mountainous area in the northern part of Miyazaki Prefecture, with a panoramic view of Aso, Nekodake, Kusumi, and Mt. The tea plantations are spread out in the high-cool area at an altitude of 600 meters, and the difference in temperature between morning and evening produces a very fragrant tea. Because of the high altitude, there are few pests, and Miyazaki Teahouse began pesticide-free and chemical-free cultivation in 1983, and obtained JAS organic certification in 2001. Unlike tea made by steaming, the tea leaves are roasted to produce “Kama-iricha,” which is rare in Japan, and gives the tea a refreshing aroma and taste. It goes well with rice, making it the perfect tea for everyday use. They are also trying to produce a variety of teas such as organic black tea, oolong tea, and sannen-bancha (three-year tea) using the kama-firi-tea method. Although there are times when yields are low due to the enormous amount of weeding work and pests and diseases, everyone is working hard to cultivate tea to ensure safe and reliable tea production. In recognition of these efforts, they were awarded the Emperor’s Cup at the 2002 National Agriculture and Forestry Festival.

  • Ingredients: Organic green tea
  • Place of origin: Gokase-cho, Miyazaki Prefecture
  • Contents: 1.8g x 30 tea bags
  • Hình thức: Túi trà
  • Manufacturer: Miyazaki Sabo Co., Ltd.
  • [How to drink] Steep the tea in boiling water for about one minute and drink. You can also enjoy it by boiling the desired amount of water over low heat for about 2 minutes after it comes to a boil. 

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Trọng lượng 0,18 kg
Kích thước 13.0 × 2.2 × 19.2 cm

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