Uogashi Meisha Uogashi Sencha 250g [Tsukiji / Toyosu / Ginza / Bán buôn]

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Giá bán :

YÊN 2,344

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Japanese product name: うおがし銘茶 魚がし煎茶 250g [築地/豊洲/銀座/卸売]

Japanese brand name: うおがし銘茶

Mô tả

Founded in 1931, it is a best-selling product of Uogashi Meisha, which has stores in Tsukiji, Toyosu, and Ginza. You can enjoy the tea that is popular with food professionals at home. Many well-known stores support the ease with which you can drink deliciously even if you put it in Rambo with boiling water.

The appearance of tea is a little rough, unlike ordinary well-shaped tea, but it is a proof of the emphasis on flavor, which emphasizes the sweetness and umami of Kuki.
Everyone tells us that once you drink it, you will be addicted to the sweet and fragrant scent that has been finished over high heat to the limit.
The old-fashioned “Kiiro Kiniro” tea is the original deep-steamed tea and Uogashi Meisha.

  • Ingredients: Green tea (domestic)
  • Form: Loose leaf
  • Caffeine content: Contains caffeine

Thông tin bổ sung

Trọng lượng 0,25 kg
Kích thước 9 × 4 × 21 cm

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